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To be the successful blackjack player you should know not only the rules and the basic strategy of the game, but its odds. The players should place their bets and make decisions, taking into account the expectations expressed in the blackjack odds.

Blackjack Casino Odds

Odd 1. Always avoid the insurance, as it raises the house edge on 5%.

Odd 2. Try to choose "the banker stands on soft 17" playing table option instead of "the banker hits soft 17" to lower the house advantage.

Odd 3. Blackjack variations are not so favorable for players, as you may think.

Odd 4. The casino advantage almost everywhere composes about 8%, as the banker is the last player, who makes the decision. The player usually busts first, and the croupier wins. Using the basic blackjack strategy, the gambler can lower the casino advantage to the 0.5%. Usage the blackjack card counting systems gives players additional winning chances.

Odd 5. It is necessary to know the busting probability of each hand of cards to make proper decisions. Hope, we can help you to memorize the values of hands and the percentage of busting cases:

  • 21 - 100%
  • 20 - 92%
  • 19 - 85%
  • 18 - 77%
  • 17 - 69%
  • 16 - 62%
  • 15 - 58%
  • 14 - 56%
  • 13 - 39%
  • 12 - 31%
  • 11 and less - 0%.

Odd 6. The skillful player should also know the probability of 2-card hands frequencies:

  • Decision Hands - 38.7%
  • Hard Standing - 30%
  • No Bust - 26.5%
  • Natural Blackjack - 4.8%.

As you see, the blackjack game result depends not only on the player's skills and good luck, but also on the knowledge of the basic blackjack strategy, understanding of its charts, ability to use main blackjack tips and odds to win more often. It is very important to know the occasions when to double down or split, whether it is necessary to re split Aces and take the surrender. So, improve your knowledge and skills and spend your time with joy and profit!

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