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There is no strategy that guarantees a win every time you play Blackjack. However, there are things that you can do that will help increase your chances of winning when you play. Even before you start playing, you need to research where you are going to play your games. If there is anything suspicious, make sure that you proceed with caution.

Before you go onto any online casino site, make sure they are certified by the eCOGRA. This is the official organization that watches over online casinos, and their approval is crucial to your safety. Once you find the seal, make sure that the site you plan on playing at has a wide selection of games. You don't want to funnel all of your resources into just a few games. There are several variations for Blackjack alone, letting you mix things up once in a while.

Play a few games for free before you try gambling your money. If the site you are at doesn't allow you to play free games, find another site. This means that they are too focused on making money to let you enjoy yourself.

Call the customer support line and see what type of response you get. If a real person doesn't pick up, find a site that actually cares about the members and customers. Although it may not seem important at the time, you'll be glad to hear a person talking to you if you run into any problems.

Before you start playing for money, make sure you have a firm grasp of the concept of Blackjack. Use strategy cards or a basic chart so that you know your odds when you are playing. You are only putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don't do this.

Other Tips

Forget about counting cards. Everyone talks about how it is a great system, but it is highly advanced and can be very complicated. Also, many sites go to extreme measures to make sure that counting cards is nearly impossible.

Learn when the dealer has to hold, because one point can go a long way. Some dealers must stop after 17 while others can take another hit. While one point might not sound like a big deal, it may be the difference between a win and a loss.

Finally, no matter what you do, make sure you have fun playing Blackjack. The game is supposed to be enjoyed, not a source of stress. Mix the techniques that you learned with your intuition and you'll be able to fully enjoy what Blackjack has to offer. Don't get too caught up in all of the extra things that can take away from the experience.

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Bonus: 150%
Matching bonus: $500
Licensed: CYP
Software: RealTimeGaming
Scoring: 10


Bonus: 150%
Matching bonus: $100
Licensed: CUW
Software: VegasTech
Scoring: 9


Bonus: 100%
Matching bonus: 100
Licensed: UK
Software: RealTimeGaming
Scoring: 8


Bonus: 150%
Matching bonus: $700
Licensed: CUW
Software: RivalGaming
Scoring: 7