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Blackjack is the most popular gambling activity throughout the world. From the appearing in the 17-th century, till nowadays it has millions of admirers and continues its development.

The aim of the game doesn't change in any its variations. It is quite clear and understandable: to get 21 points or close, without exceeding this number. Cards in blackjack game have their particular values. For example, an Ace can be counted as 1 or 11 point, depending on the hand.

Blackjack Rules

To be a skillful blackjack player one should possess not only good playing skills, but to know also the basic strategy of the game and its main tips and odds. But before playing it, it is necessary to read our short blackjack guide and find out the main blackjack rules:

  1. The classical blackjack variant is played with the 52-card decks.
  2. There are two opponents at the table - the player and the croupier. Each gambler at the table plays against the dealer, despite of the number of players.
  3. The dealer distributes 2 cards each player and himself. Both gamblers cards are face up, and one of the dealer's cards is face down.
  4. Before dealing the cards the players place their bets. The wager amount depends only on the player's choice and the minimum table betting amount.
  5. The cards are distributed form the first player to the dealer's left and the decisions are made in such a way. The action happens clockwise.
  6. The player has two main decisions: to Hit or to Stand, and several betting options:
    • Doubling Down
    • Insurance
    • Surrender
    • Splitting.
  7. After the making of the decisions the winners and the losers are defined.
  8. The dealer distributes the bets.

Before playing the blackjack in the online casino, find out the information about the bonuses offered, as different casino sites offer various promotions and bonuses. The experienced blackjack players should necessarily know blackjack main tips and odds to know how to act in different playing situations. Hope, our blackjack guide will help you to win and play with pleasure.

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