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Blackjack has undergone several variations over the past years, and Pontoon Blackjack is no different. Becoming popular in England, this form of Blackjack actually uses 8 decks of cards. This adds an extra layer of tension along with unpredictability.

Another different rule that mixes things up is that the dealer has both of their cards laying face down, making it impossible to guess what they have. However, this also makes things more exciting and unpredictable for the player.

Key Terms

Before we go into a further explanation of the rules, there are some key terms that you need to be aware of. These terms are variations of other commonly used terms in Blackjack.

Taking a hit is referred to as a "twist," while taking a stand is a "stick." Doubling down is called "buying," and can be done before twisting, which is not allowed in standard Blackjack. Finally "Pontoon," actually is used instead of Blackjack. Now that you know the terms, here are the rules.


Here are some more rules that apply to Pontoon Blackjack, which is different from standard Blackjack. Any two cards that total 10 points can be split, regardless of if they match or not. If you decide to split your aces, you will be rewarded with a two to one payout if you hit a Pontoon. Also, if you split your aces, you are only allowed to take a single card and you must stick afterwards.

A draw when playing against the dealer results in a win for the dealer, rather than it becoming a push. If you have 5 cards that are less than 21, you are paid two to one and can beat anything that isn't a Pontoon. You are allowed to buy once every hand, as long as you have between two and four cards. The dealer is required to twist when they have a soft 17.

Finally, you are only allowed to surrender if the dealer has revealed that they either have a face card or an ace. The dealer will also check to see whether they have a pontoon, but will not actually play until everyone has made a move.

As you can see, Pontoon Blackjack offers a unique perspective on the traditional game of Blackjack. While the rules have changed, some of the strategy has not. You can still be successful if you practice counting cards, and strategy will help you win more than pure luck. If you are looking for a new way to test your Blackjack skills, be sure to give Pontoon Blackjack a try. There is a reason why it is one of the fastest growing variations of Blackjack. Try it today.

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